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We offer digital content and podcasts that are a combination of nature and music.

For children we offer thought provoking animal themed digital stories based on Finnish nature.

Our digital content is used as a support for treatment, rehabilitation, early childhood education and learning. Our content is based on medical and technological research.


Nature-themed digital content in your media library helps you focus and calm down. After a performance or an emotional event, you can recover by watching the wonders of nature and listening to its calming sounds.

Everyday skill training applications – such as leaving home for school and going to the library – work to support early childhood education, learning and rehabilitation.

Our library of digital content also includes popular breathing exercises for relaxation.

Our customers say:

“I almost fell asleep waiting for my procedure to start.”
“I could watch wonderful the nature pictures for longer.”
“Digital stories are captivating!”



Our media library includes content with positive emotions and images that take you on a virtual adventure into: the forest, the beaches, the fell. Our newest adventure is a journey into the underwater world.

Meditative podcasts help with stress management, animal themed digital stories work to support children’s emotional education, and everyday skills such as managing social situations and one’s own state of alertness can be practiced with VR glasses.


GB™ digital content can be viewed and listened to on various devices of your choice: mobile, computer, smart TV, large touch screens and VR glasses. Our digital content is based on medical and technological research.

Digital content works great as part of a sensory room, for example, reflecting it on a wall or floor creates a truly impressive experience – immersion.

The digital contents of the GB™ media library have been produced based on medical research, media production and technology innovations.

Benefits for the User

Education and learning

Supporting the emotional skills of children and young people and managing their alertness. The self-confidence of a child and young person and the development of everyday skills are key skills. Through digital stories children and adults can practice their skills together.

For a professional – health or social care worker, educator, teacher: you will find new perspectives, participatory and motivating things to do with your client, child or adult in our digital world. Digital stories spark a child’s conversation with you, nature music journeys take you with the young person to a new world that helps you both focus and relax as well as well as make learning easier.

Mental well-being and inclusion

The everyday environment of adults is full of performance pressure, a flood of information and noise. Even a small pause with a deep breathing exercise gives strength and helps to cope. The world of sound and nature scenery provide a refuge where you can mentally go to relax for a while.

Our services offer meaningful activities, inclusion and beautiful landscapes that evoke positive memories and emotions. Independently or in a group, you can go on adventures in different parts of Finland or the globe, listen to calming music and even poems.


Arja Maarit Ranta-aho

CEO, digi architect

tel. +358 44 562 6265


Kaija Puura

Professor, senior physician
tel. +358 50 467 7059

Jukka-Pekka Pirhonen

Technical director, MSc. – Medical devices
tel. +358 40 559 5368

Sivert Westergård

Chairman of the board

tel. +358 400 732 844



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