Education and learning

Digital stories in emotional education and functional game tracks are new working methods.


The digital content is suitable for waking up in the morning, relaxing during the day and calming down in the evening.


When coping with everyday life is challenging and there is no support nearby, you can practice your skills at your own pace with the digital content in the GB Media Library.

GettingBetter content in the media library

Everyday skills – VR glasses, touchscreens
  • Edit my self-portrait
  • Wake up and go to school
  • Practise social situations
Animal-themed digital stories for emotional education. Virtual nature tour to Finnish forest and lakes.


Psychiatry, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, teachers, coaching, physiotherapy, psychologist, nurse and person herself.

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As an expert, Arja is an open-minded pioneer in digitalisation. She has digitized the operating environments and processes of several Social and health organizations in terms of technologies, services, and profitable service business, not forgetting people and humanity.

Arja Maarit Ranta-Aho
Managing Director, Digital Architect
+ 358 44 562 6265