The digital content used in the sensory room is a new way to interact with children and young people.

Videos produced from real nature and different variations of the sound world open emotional locks and help identify emotions.
The task of the professional is to offer options of images and sound, especially when you want to calm and relax or activate
and support rehabilitation.

What we are doing – Purposes of sensory rooms

Regulation of a child’s or young person’s stress and anxiety using their own senses and breathing
• Digital content for learning relaxation, breathing techniques and mindfulness skills
• Cost-effectively enable numerous repetitions so that the skills can be learned in a shorter time

Source: Aistihuone – digital technology in child and youth psychiatric care Nursing forum 22 September 2021 Professor, senior
physician Kaija Puura, the discipline of child psychiatry TaY and area of ​​responsibility for child psychiatry Tays

The sensory room environment aims to influence a person’s seven (7) senses.

Sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are basic senses. In addition to this are posture and balance senses. The aim is to affect
all these senses positively, controlled and safely.

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Digital sensory room is located in Vantaa and Pirkkala. Other locations are also in Tampere, Kuopio, Turku and Espoo.