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In the media library you will find digital content for practicing everyday skills, stress management, and calming down.

You can also take virtual nature trips by listening to nature sound, and watching videos.

Welcome visit to adventure with wild and domestic animals to build to children – emotional education

The smallest possible change brings the best result

Applied research serves as a means of developing digital services. The result is a better understanding of the benefits and effects of digital content.

Our Solutions

Choose your own content list from our media library. To redeem a license, create a customer account or contact arja.ranta-aho@gettingbetter.fi

Topics include Calming Down and Stress Management, Everyday Skills, Digital Stories, and Virtual Nature Tours.

The Digital content can be accessed on your mobile phone, tablet, computer, smart TV, large touchscreen, or sensory rooms.

Our production and development work is based on research into medicine, media and health technologies, and regular customer tests


Highlights positive emotions and atmosphere. Competence and inclusion despite functional capacity produces an experience of success.

New working method A new way to interact. Helps identify emotions and verbilyising about them.

When there are no words or no meanings to open digital content is a new communication channel.


Applied research

Our services include continuous applied research, which we do in collaboration with the Tampere University, Finland and Tampere University Hospital child and adolescent psychiatry department.

Goal: new digital service, and new professional skills

Who we are

From the left
Managing Director Arja Ranta-aho
Professor of Psychiatry Kaija Puura
Chairman of the Board Sivert Westergård
Technical Director Jukka-Pekka Pirhonen