Applied research

Our services include continuous applied research, which we do in collaboration with the Tampere University, Finland and Tampere University Hospital child and adolescent psychiatry department.

Goal: new digital service, and new professional skills

Research results - The city of Tampere, early education

Digital stories support

  • Relaxation
  • Recognising feelings and finding the right words for the feelings
  • Children to support one another in a team -“it was our group´s own exercise” said a five-year-old child
  • Discussion and co-operation with adults and youth – “understanding how the children feel”

“Now I understand how digital tools can be used”
– Educators

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Managing Director, Digital Architect
Arja Ranta-aho

Professor of Psychiatry
Kaija Puura

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As an expert, Arja is an open-minded pioneer in digitalisation. She has digitized the operating environments and processes of several Social and health organizations in terms of technologies, services, and profitable service business, not forgetting people and humanity.

Arja Maarit Ranta-Aho
Managing Director, Digital Architect
+ 358 44 562 6265