Who we are

GettingBetter Oy’s owners are Sivert Westergård, Chairman of the Board, Professor Kaija Puura and Arja Ranta-aho, Managing director. They have met during a joint Sensory Room project. The funds raised were donated to equip the Tays Children’s Hospital’s Sensory Room for equipment and research. The work during the project showed that the combination of multidisciplinary expertise is excellent for starting a new business. Jukka-Pekka Pirhonen, who specializes in health technologies and medical devices, was invited to join the team.

Our production team

GettingBetter Oy has its own production team, which is based on medical research, the development of the media industry and health technologies. We work closely with the University of Tampere, the Pirkanmaa Hospital District, the City of Tampere and the Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Mediapolis and health technology units. The multidisciplinary expertise of the GB production team consists of a network of professionals, equipment suppliers, 360 production producers, nature photographers and representatives of the audio and visual world. If you are interested in cooperation, please feel free to contact us!

Members of the GettingBetter team

As an expert, Arja is an open-minded pioneer in digitalisation. She has digitized the operating environments and processes of several Social and health organizations in terms of technologies, services, and profitable service business, not forgetting people and humanity.

Arja Maarit Ranta-Aho
Toimitusjohtaja, digiarkkitehti
+ 358 44 562 6265

Professor Kaija Puura is developing new treatment methods in which digitality plays a strong role. As a clinician, children and their families in particular are close to her heart. The book “Kuinka kasvattaa lapsesta mukava aikuinen” WSOY. The book can be found as an audiobook on Bookbeat.

Kaija Puura
Professor, Chief Physician
+358 50 467 7059

JP’s interest is focused on health technology, especially the development and teaching of medical devices.

In the production of digital content, he combines artistry and technology with impressive digital services.

Jukka-Pekka Pirhonen
Technical Director, M.Sc. (Eng.) – Medical Technology
+358 40 559 5368

Sivert is an experienced growth entrepreneurship expert. Digitalisation and the functionality of services are key development priorities for him.

As an entrepreneur, Sivert has made significant donations to Tays Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital.

Sivert Westergård Chairman of the Board +358 400 732 844 sivert.westergard@gettingbetter.fi

Production team

Pauli Pietilä
script, description, editing

Sami Husari
scripting, implementation of games

Maria Salangina
screenwriter, coordinator

Extensive networking in the media, technology and medical industries.

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